Airtel Family And Friends Plan: Subscription & How To Add/Remove

Airtel Family And Friends Plan

Want to know all about the new Airtel Family And Friends plan, how to register, add numbers, remove and check the numbers on your family and friends list?

Just so you don’t spend a fortune on calls to numbers you dial often, Airtel created a tariff plan that lets you put all your favourite numbers in a list and then enjoy a discount every time you call these numbers. It is called “Airtel Family and Friends” (FAF).

So, without much ado, let me explain it.

You know those numbers you call often and consumes a large portion of your airtime? These numbers can include your spouse, kids, siblings and employees/employer, Airtel Family and Friends is designed to drastically reduce the overall cost of calling such persons. However, the numbers you can call at this reduced price is limited to the numbers you have in your Family and Friends list. But how do you add numbers to your Airtel Family and friends list? I’ll explain that below.

You see, Airtel allows you to add as much as five numbers to your Family And Friends list at no cost at all. However, you can add more numbers to those five other numbers, but at a service fee of N50 per number added.

How To Migrate To Airtel Family And Friends Plan

There’s a lot of search on the internet for Airtel family and friends code whereas in reality there is no Airtel family and friends migration code. The only thing you need do is add the Airtel numbers to your Family And Friends list. Let me explain the processes in detail for you.

How To  Add Numbers To Airtel Family & Friends

To add a number to Airtel Family and Friends, dial the following codes *311*2*NUMBER#. That is, to register 0802362660 to your family and friends list, dial *311*2*0802362660#. You will receive a message telling you that the added number was successful. So you can begin making calls at highly reduced rates to the number.

How To Remove/Delete Numbers From Airtel Friends & Family

To remove or delete a number from your Airtel Family and Friends list, simply dial  *311*3*NUMBER#. That is, to remove 0802362660 from your Family and Friends List, dial *311*3*0802362660#. You will be alerted via text message confirming that the number has been removed from your Airtel Family and Friends list.

To View Your list Of Registered Numbers In Family and Friends

To find out the numbers you have registered on your Airtel Family And Friends list, simply dial *311*4# and all the numbers on your Airtel family and friends list will pop up.

Family and Friends Call Rates

The tariffs for the Airtel family and friends service are uniform across all tariff plans.

The call rate varies based on the time of the day. Calls between 6 AM to 10 PM to your FAF phone numbers costs 25 kobo per second, whereas the call rate is 21 kobo per second from 10 PM to 6 AM. But if you’re making your call with the SmartConnect bonus, the call rate is pegged at 40 kobo per second regardless of the time you make the call.

  • Peak Periods (6am – 9:59pm): 25 Kobo per second.
  • Off-Peak Periods (10pm – 5:59pm): 21 Kobo per second

Warning: There is no discount to enjoy on SMS sent to FAF numbers. Also, the charges for these numbers on your Airtel Family and Friends list are the same regardless of which tariff plan you are on.

If you have any more questions concerning Airtel Family And Friends Plan, dial Airtel customer care on 111 on your smartphone. Also, you can visit any nearest Airtel shop close to you.

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