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E Money Net Worth, Biography, Business, Cars & House (Photos)

E Money Net Worth, Biography, Business, House and Cars

Just like any biography, I’m going to let you in on E Money Net Worth, E Money biography, E Money cars, E money business, E money house, E money private jet, and much more.

Phew! Isn’t this guy loaded!

The first thing you want to learn about E-Money biography is that the business mogul was born and named Emeka Okonkwo in Ajegunla, Lagos.

E-Money age? Well, it will interest you to know that the younger brother of Limpopo crooner, Kcee – yes, E-Money is kcee’s brother – was born on February 18, 1981.

Emeka Okonkwo has been married to Juliet for about 12 years (that is in 2007) and are blessed with three sons.

E-Money net worth

Okonkwo is grateful for that marriage. After their wedding, the couple made their way back to Lagos. And according to the billionaire, he got a phone call where he was offered a $2m contract.

E-Money net worth

“We were on our way to Lagos when I received a phone call informing me that I had been awarded a $2 million contract and that is how our lives changed forever”, the musician said in an interview.

While his family settles down in the United Kingdom, Emeka Okonkwo sees himself hectic with business matters in Nigeria. He only reunites with his wife and sons on a regular basis for every other week.

At the age of 16, Emeka had embarked on his first business, Borisa Nigeria Ltd. His business earned not much prospect until 2013 when he met the love of his life, Juliet, Emeka Okonkwo had a turning point in his career.

He is now the CEO and chairman of Five Star Group (said to be worth at N500m), EmyCargo, Emy Motors Ltd, and Shipping Services Nigeria Ltd. Apart from those 3 sources of his great fortune, E-Money also tries his hand at real estate, oil and gas industry.

Now let us look at E-Money and his Five Star Music record label.

Five Star Music was established in 2010 but not until 2013 did it reached the public craze after the release of the hit “Limpopo” by the most popular singer of the label, Kcee, also his older brother. Very successful singers under the label include Harrysong and Skiibii, however, both parted with Five Star Music for their own career after the label’s launch.

So, how much exactly could E-Money net worth be?

The truth? No one knows for sure but E-Money net worth is generally reported to be in the region of N1.5 billion. It could even be more with his flourishing business in oil, gas, and real estate.

For a man this wealthy, I bet you are craving to know what E-Money house looks like and how much it must have cost?!

e money house

I’m really, really, really jealous to let you know E-Money mansion costs well over N250 million to erect. The E-Money in Lekki uses the combination of gold and white as dominant colours.

Occupying the inside of E Money house are lots of luxurious things such as pricey sets of golden tables and chairs, massive beds, state-of-the-art household electronics, among others.

He also buillt his own gym and a pool for family’s use. Photos of his luxurious house cannot be missed on social media.

Did I hear you ask about E-Money cars?

Spending on luxury wheeled vehicles is just a way rich men boast of their luxurious life.

E-Money house and cars

E-Money house and cars

E-Money house and cars

E-Money net worth

The famous musician is not left out as he boasts a brand new 2017 Lexus LX 570. It is believed that the vehicle cost him about $90,000. His other fleet of cars includes an N80m Maybach 62s, a Limousine, Range Rover Sport, many Jaguars, Prado Jeeps, etc.

Not only did he buy cars for himself, but E-Money also gifted his brother, Kcee a N20m Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon on his birthday and of course, a blue Rolls-Royce for his wife as a Christmas present.

Not minding what armed robbers could do to him, photos of E-Money house and cars continue to find their way on E-Money Instagram (Instagram @iam_emoney1) for his over 4.5 million followers to catch up with.

You thinkI’ll end this article without mentioning E money private jet? Nope.

So does E money own a private jet? I’m not sure, because there is nowhere in the public has it been reported that he bought one.

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