How to Correct DoB & Name On Your WAEC Result

Correct DOB Name WAEC Result

Want to know how to correct date of birth and names on WAEC? Good. I’ll show you how to correct my data on my WAEC result.

This question most people ask yet get relatively no response to.

Before reading this post on how to correct your DoB. Just know you can skip all the stress by asking for a guide from 08028050204. This was because of the errors in not only my date of birth but also my middle name.

My date of birth was written as October 21st instead of October 22nd, while my middle name was spelt as Mijoyime instead of Mijioyime.

My clearance officer, of course, rejected the result as the details on the WAEC result wasn’t consistent with that on the JAMB and School.

Then, of course, he gave me a correction form to fill.

On the form, I stated that errors on my WAEC result and then gave the correct details.

In about a week’s time, I received a letter from my clearance officer that I have been given 6 months to effect the changes, else…………………

The copy of the letter is below

correction of name and DOB in waec result

Sorry, I had to clean my year of birth (lol).

What else could that be?

Losing my hard-earned admission? Definitely yes, if I don’t rectify it before the stipulated time.

Correction Of Name And DOB In WAEC Result – The Journey To WAEC Office

I immediately, of course, went to the WAEC office in Benin City because my WAEC exam was written in Edo state.

When I got there, the journey began.

I was told to go back to my school to collect some documents.

The school here was the secondary school I wrote my WAEC exam.

Most importantly, I was to collect two letters from the school; See them below;

  • Attestation Letter
  • Correction letter

Attestation Letter

In the attestation letter, the school was to confirm that I truly finished from that school.

This was not a problem

Correction Letter

The correction letter was to state the errors found in the WAEC result.

Although in this case, I was to admit that WAEC made those errors and not ME.

This means that if you admit you made those errors, you will not be attended to.

So of course, I had to.

See the letter below.

correction of name and DOB in waec result

Although, in my case, I combined my attestation letter and correction letter together.

Although they complained, after much pleading, they accepted.

The other documents which were requested are below:

  • Birth Certificate

This birth certificate has to be the original one.

They don’t accept affidavit for declaration of age.

Therefore, I had to go to a teaching hospital to make one.

Then I requested for it to be backdated.

What I mean here is that I told them to take the date it was done back up to the 1990’s.

It cost me close to another. N5000, but it was worth it.

Then I had to rumple and stain it to make it look like an old one.

You can see that in the picture below.

correction of name and DOB in waec result

By the time we are done with this topic “correction of name and DOB in WAEC result“, you will fully understand why I am breaking it so you can comprehend.

  • WAEC Result

The WAEC result requested here is the one the error was made.

It is assumed that since you need a corrected one, then the one with error has to be retrieved.

But of course, I can’t show you that because it has already been collected.

  • Affidavit For Correction Of Name And DOB

You will have to swear a new affidavit for the correction of name or DOB.

Please note here that I had Errors in both my name and Date Of Birth.

Your case may just be DOB or maybe name.

When I mean new affidavit, I mean a fresh affidavit only for this purpose.

See the format of swearing an affidavit for correction of name and DOB in WAEC result below

correction of name and DOB in waec result

  • The school register

The school register talked about here is the register showing your name as proof that you actually/really attended the school.

As you can see, mine is number 23 on the register.

correction of name and DOB in waec result

  • Money

If you are correcting just your name or just your date of birth (DOB), you will be required to pay just N10,000.

But if you are doing correction of name and DOB in WAEC result, you will pay N15,000.

Cool, right? (LOL).

Lastly, you will be issued a receipt like the one below:

correction of name and DOB in waec result

The Wait For The Correction Of Name And DOB In WAEC Result

After passing through all this stressful process, you are then required to wait for at least 6 months.

Mine came in the 9th month.

When I finally collected it, I discovered the DOB was effected correctly.

Although, the middle name was now abbreviated as you can see below.

correction of name and dob in waec result

That was where another story began before I found another way of doing it fast.

That’s the much I can take because your case is different.

But there is, of course, another way of going about the correction in name and DOB in WAEC result without going through this stress.

Although it will cost you much more, it’s worth it.

The Easy/Fastest Way Of Correction Of Name And DOB In WAEC Result

The good thing about this other way is that you will get your result in less than two weeks.

Nevertheless, you will have to pay more.

My friend this it and got his own ready in less than a week.

Be rest assured that you will get your own done with just N30,000 for name or DOB and then N35,000 of both errors.

If you are in Benin City, it works better but anybody can do it from anywhere they are as the correction will end up being done in one place.

Benefits Of Doing Your Correction Of Name And DOB In WAEC Result Now

You will avoid a lot of stress correcting yours today.

Firstly, you will get cleared without stress if you are a first-year student.

Secondly, you will avoid a lot of stress during your final year clearance in case you have used awaiting result to gain entrance.

Thirdly, you will avoid being thrown out of school for incorrect details.

For easy access, I will drop my friend’s number and the person to contact for the correction.

The first is to verify while the latter is to get it done.

That’s the much I can take on “Correction of name and DOB in WAEC Result”.

If you have any questions, don’t forget to u can call or Whatsapp 08028050204

Correction of data on WAEC result has never been easier…if it wasn’t for the outrageous fee charged by WAEC officials and their nonchalantly to the jo. They are offering to do for you… The process would have been faster and better.

Nevertheless, there’s always a solution for those who are willing and ready to make tough decisions. Especially for those in the diaspora…

Follow these steps to get you information modified In 7-14day

How to correct my date of birth and name on my WAEC result

1. Provide a scanned or scanned copy of the result

2. Valid birth certificate (contains correct details)

3. Identity card to prove ownership of the information

4. Letter to the WAEC board stating the reason for the change

5. Processing fee.. 20k-35k depending on the nature of your modification

6. Wait for the process

This process is the best you can get.. It has been tested and trusted by many individuals …..

With this information, you can either visit the WAEC offices in your area .. Or the 2 main offices In  Yaba, Lagos and Gwagwalada, Abuja . … You visit the office with your complaints… Provided you are ready to pay the fee… You ‘ll be attended to

For those that are abroad and yet, you need this to be done… Either for WES or Evaluation, you can call Mr Olakunle on 2348028050204… He ‘ll guide you on how to go about it.

You can also visit for result checking and for complaints.

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DISCLAIMER: Please do not pay anyone and base your payment on the fact that you got his/her number on GreenPost. Do your due diligence before transacting with anyone. GP will not be held liable for any loss you incur.

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