MTN 1.5GB For 1000 And 3.5GB For 2000: All Codes Listed

MTN 1.5GB For 1000 And 3.5GB For 2000

Yes, I’ll be showing you how to get MTN 1.5GB Data for 1000 Naira as well as 3.5GB for 2000.

MTN Nigeria is obviously trying to make sure they are not left behind in the competition currently going on in the internet data industry in the country hence the rolling out of its new and exciting data bundle rates.

Now let’s take a look at what the codes are for the MTN 1.5GB for 1000 and the 3.5GB for 2000.

You must have noticed the frequency at which the telecom giant has been sending out SMS messages to its numerous customers, informing them of the new MTN Surprise data bundle packages.

MTN is the number one top mobile national operator in Nigeria when you look at the number of users they have on their network, which is put at over 70Million as at last count by the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC).

So how does one subscribe for the MTN 1.5GB for ₦1000 and 3.5GB for ₦2000?

Below are the codes to start using the MTN 1.5GB for ₦1000 and 3.5GB for ₦2000:

Before I mention the codes, I think you should know that the new MTN data plans do not Zap; it does not run like tap water and finish up very fast.

Now, if you will prefer subscribing for the MTN 1.5GB data for 1000 Naira, send the code 106 to 131

And if you desire the MTN 3.5GB data bundle for 2000 Naira, send 110 to 131

There are exciting things around this new MTN data bundles: first is that that you’ll get double of your data, that is your 1.5GB will receive extra 1.5GB; your 3.5GB will get an extra 3.5GB; and so on.

Also, you will get ₦10,000 airtime when you the 3.5GB data bundle for ₦2000. Likewise other all other bundles come with their free airtime.

The downside is that the usual wayo MTN played is to is make sure your bonus data ends exactly seven (7) days from activation.  

The other exciting thing is that the MTN data plan works on Android, Blackberry, modems and it can also be shared.

This new MTN 1.5GB for 1000 and 3.5GB for 2000 has lots of subscribers like myself having to move from  Airtel, Glo and Etisalat to enjoy cheaper MTN bundle rates.

One day, data will be so cheap that you and I will purchase 1GB for 100 Naira! Unbelievable, right?!

Those are the codes for MTN 1.5GB for 1000 and 3.5GB for 2000.

And if you are on MTN iPulse, you too can benefit from this MTN cheap data bundle.

To check MTN data balance, just SMS the number 2 to 131 or dial x559x2#

Hopefully, we’ll get even better rates in the future from MTN.

If you’ve tried the MTN 1.5GB for 1000 and 3.5GB for 2000, leave your experience or your friend’s in the comment box so we can all learn from it.

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