Salary Of Nigerian President: The FULL Breakdown

So you also want to know the salary of Nigerian president and his other allowances every month? Okay, no problem. Hope you have your pen to jot and note down the Nigeria president salary I’m about to reveal.

The Salary Of Nigerian President 2019

The Nigeria President salary currently – Muhammadu Buhari is ₦3,514,708 per year.

Similarly, the salary of Nigerian Vice President is ₦3,031, 572.

Don’t worry, I’ll give you a break down later in this post.

The president is the first citizen of the nation and directly gets the benefit of the country first before anybody.

He is also the one who racks the brain when it comes to matters concerning the nation.

Just as monies are paid into the accounts of the state governments and local governments, so is the account of the president’s.

The salary of Nigerian president is paid from the Consolidated Revenue Fund.

The Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission put the basic Nigerian president salary per month at ₦292,892.33

  • Nigeria president salary – ₦3,514,708 per annum.
  • Salary of Governors in Nigeria- ₦2, 223, 705 per annum.
  • Deputy governors’ salary in Nigeria – ₦2, 112, 215.04 per annum.

Other Allowances of Nigeria President

Not only is the salary of Nigeria president attached to the seat, but there are also benefits that include different kinds of allowances at different percentages, attached to it.

The president of Nigeria receives the following allowances too:

Hardship Allowance

This is 50 per cent of the president basic salary. 0.5 × 3, 514, 704.96 = ₦1, 757, 352.48.

Constituency Allowance

250 per cent of the president basic salary is paid as constituent allowance. 2.5 × 3, 514, 704.96 = ₦8, 786, 762.4.

Leave Allowance

Leave allowance is worth 10 per cent of the Nigeria president salary. 0.1 × 3, 514, 704.96 = ₦351, 470.496.

Estacode Allowance

As decided by the president.

Duty Tour Allowance

As defined by the president.

Optional Vehicle Loan

This loan is not mandatory but when acquired, it must be fully refunded before leaving the office. It is worth 400 per cent of the salary of Nigerian president. 4 × 3, 514, 704.96 = ₦14, 058, 819.84.

Medical allowance, utility allowance, accommodation allowance, security allowance, motor vehicle maintenance, domestic staff allowance, including some other allowances are not paid as part of the salary and other allowances, rather, are provided for by the country; the president enjoys them for free.

Upon successful completion of the president’s tenure, he receives severance gratuity worth 300 per cent of the Nigeria president salary, i.e. 3 × 3, 514, 704.96 = ₦10, 544, 114.88.

President Buhari Salary Compared to Goodluck Jonathan Salary

The monthly salary of Nigeria’s ex-president Jonathan’s salary is different from President Buhari salary by ₦29, 292.78.

The past president was said to have received ₦1, 200, 861.11 on a monthly basis while the present president Muhammadu Buhari is said to earn ₦1, 171, 568.33 monthly.

So, what do you think about the salary of Nigeria president and their allowances? Right? Wrong?

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